Frequently Asked Questions

1.What means the word “sitio”?

sitio is a Spanish word that means place, site,…, is a word used to tell something about someplace if you don’t know the name. For us, it means cities, villages, mountains, deserts, seas, and roads. Where you love, where you live, where you work,…, everywhere that means something special for you.

2.Are there sitios that are better than other sitios?

Absolutely NO NO NO and NO!!!! All sitio in the world have different characteristics and peculiarities and this doesn’t one better than others, only different. The most important is that YOU love your sitio and dress it with style and pride. sitio® isn’t a politician project, it’s a love project.

3.What is ordering, preparing and shipping?

Ordering, preparing, and shipping is our way to produce clothing. The Planet Earth deserves a new way to do and our slowfashion process to create the sitio is 90 days long, 3 months, one season weather. With this way, we want to help the Planet joining resources, fabrics, and travels for not contaminate. If you buy a piece of clothing, be calm, we are real, we are serious, we want you are happy wearing a relevant piece of clothing of your life. If you are nervous, you can call me +34607938686 (my name is Miquel).

4.Would you like some special designs for your love, your enterprise, your friends or your family?

We will be very happy to listen to your purposes. sitio® customize many pieces of clothing and we can do special designs for you to celebrate something special. Contact us

5.What happen if your the sitio don’t fit correctly to you?

The sitio is made especially for you, so it’s very IMPORTANT to choose your size well following the tables for man and woman. It’s a personal piece of clothing because everyone has a personal sitio on Planet Earth. For me is Barcelona, for my friend it’s Madrid and for you can be Tokyo, or New York or Girona. In this case, if there’s a mistake about size or sitio, we won’t change your order after you receive it.