Order, prepare and send

Order, prepare and send to all the Planet Earth

We made all the pieces of clothing in the Planet Earth. This planet spends 365 days to turn around the sun but actually, all is going too much quick. Yesterday is tomorrow. Everybody wants more time. The things have to be done quick, fast, with speed, come on, come on, push push,… but we believe that the good things deserve the time that they need. We have talked with mother nature and we purpose to her another way to create. We purpose to act aligned with her following our principles and values being slow fashion enjoying the true speed of Earth. She said YES, YOU CAN!!!. After her approbation, we invented the way to produce the sitio four times a year for respect to the best universally known habitable Planet. See the calendar to prepare your prevision to dress, for presents, for surprise someone,…

Order – Prepare – Send = We make your the sitio in 90 days = 365 days/4 stations

1. Order

The first two months (60 days) are for recollect orders from the shop of Planet Earth. Each the sitio is a special, unique, personal and non-transferable piece of clothing made especially for you.

2. Prepare

After Order, start prepare. Thirty days (30 days) to prepare your the sitio and all orders collected. While prepare is running, the shop will be open and you will be able to order another the sitio for next date of ship.

3. Send

When prepare month is finished will be the moment to send all orders around the Galaxy coinciding with the change season day of Planet Earth, at the same hour (12:00PM) from sitio® headquarter: –

22th March

22nd June

22nd September

22nd December***

(***) In December all the sitio will are sent before, for arrive for Christmas.

See the calendar

Prepare your presents